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My “Tropical Fish” is my BEST seller on Fine Art America. But he wasn’t my idea. 9 years ago I got a call from a woman in St. Thomas who was in desperate need for artwork. Her home had been destroyed by Hurricane Ivan and while they had rebuilt, they had no artwork for the walls. Living on a small island left her with no choices for huge abstract paintings.Debbie found me online and fell in love with my style and color choices. She needed 27 over sized paintings for a June wedding that would be held on her property. Her home would be filled with guests and she needed big bold splashes of color. The clincher is that she called me in April…and needed 27 paintings by June! Never one to back away from a challenge, I accepted her order and got to work! I painted daily…Some requiring 3 – 5 days to complete. I had pieces at all levels of drying phases on every table in my house.The fish was the last piece. She called me when I was close to being complete and asked if I could do a large tropical fish instead of the other style she had chosen. I agreed.I did not sketch this fish out. I simply painted intuitively. I didn’t even look at tropical fish online for inspiration. I just selected bright colors and painted him just as you see him (in my mind’s eye). All spontaneous squirts and blobs of paint. I did not use a brush for this work in any area. Water and paint only.

I photographed him and sent him on his way to his new home in St. Thomas. Little did I know that all of these years later, my “Tropical Fish” would be so popular.

There is nothing fishy about the link below…click on it to enjoy more!