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Screenshot 2015-05-11 10.38.54http://fineartamerica.com/featured/point-of-power-abstract-painting-by-sharon-cummings-sharon-cummings.html

Point Of Power

Acrylic on Yupo Art Painting

Sharon Cummings




I have been away for most of the past few weeks working on registering all of my work with the U.S. Copyright Office. This has been a daunting task!  With thousands of images to review, organize and upload, it has left little time for much else.  But it is done. 🙂

Copyright is established as soon as a work is put into a tangible form and it has certain legal protections without registration, but having work registered gives you some extra legal leverage.  It also is something that can be transferred to someone else legally like my daughter when I pass away.  It will make it easier for her to take over my estate of art.  But I am ready to start creating again!

Thank you for your patience.