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You can license my work and save money.  Even for PERSONAL use!

You’ve found one of my prints online and you need a large size.  You love it!  But what you do not love is the high shipping and handling charges associated with transporting such a large canvas.  There is a solution!  I am happy to license my work to you for your personal and/or business use. Why pay 300 – 400 in shipping charges when you can find a local printer who can use one of my high resolution images to make you exactly what you want for a lot lower price!

The process is easy.  I have a simple legal contract for us to sign and I send you an invoice.  Once paid, I put the high resolution image into a Dropbox folder for you.  You then share that with your printer so they can make your print for a fraction of the cost. A lot of my overseas businesses license from me instead of paying for crazy shipping.

This art consulting firm wanted a huge wall mural map for a client.  Shipping would have made it prohibitive.  So they licensed the work and here is the result!

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 7.40.18 AM


Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 7.39.46 AM

Beautiful MAPS here!