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Where do you go when you are not working?  Do you retreat to a spare bedroom to mediate?  Do you hang out with friends over a few drinks?  Do you get away for the weekend to the mountains?  Do you head for the ocean?  Or are you like I used to be for the past 12 years, do you mostly work and not get away enough to make a noticeable difference?

I made a decision about 6 months ago that my health and spiritual being were more important than my work.  I am not my art.  My art is just a small part of who I am. So I now take long weekends and I commune with nature.  I swim in the sea, hike through the woods, bike ride along the waterways, hunt for sharks teeth along the shoreline, watch turtles and iguanas warm themselves at the park, see the sun set over the ocean and so much more!   I do not blog or promote my art during this time. I do not talk to clients on the phone.  I don’t even have a computer at my beach house.  And no T.V. either.  Imagine that?  For many years I couldn’t, and now I cannot imagine going back to that workaholic person I used to be….

Here is where I go…

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Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 10.53.50 AM