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Each day I get requests from students all over the World asking for interviews. I regret that I am unable to give each a personal one on one chunk of my time. My art career is a full-time job plus overtime.  I have a special needs family and body.  As a living artist, my life is overflowing with commitments and obligations that do no allow me the luxury.

This blog will answer all questions that I have been asked and will cover what I am willing to share.

Please note that when you ask questions such as:  Where were you born?  What is your birthdate?  What are your sibling’s names?   Etc.  I do not answer questions like this because in today’s world, identity theft is a real concern.  When you contact me and tell me you are a student at xyz, there is simply no way for me to identify if this is true, nor do I have the time to investigate each person who contacts me. This information is simply unavailable.

Everything else that you could want to know for your school project and all that I would ever be willing to share can be found in this interview:


Please note that if you use any of my images they can only be used in your school project for educational purposes and you must give full attribution (title and copyright Sharon Cummings).  My images must not be used for any type of fund-raising or profit without contacting me for licensing fees and agreements.  My images are protected by Copyright and must not appear on any online venues including social media.

Thank you for your interest in my artwork and good luck on your school project!