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“Stick With Me”

Mixed Media Dog Art Painting Collage

Great Dane

Sharon Cummings




This was a hard piece for me to create.  It wasn’t so much the labor, as it was the emotion.  This beautiful boy was my Bacchus.  He was one of the most exuberant and loving dogs I have ever known.  Like all Great Danes, he had his goofy side.  But he also had an intuitive understanding of the feelings in the people and animals around him. He was a sensitive.

We lost him way too soon to bone cancer.  It was devastating to see a dog with so much life and joy be brought down so quickly.  We did not let him suffer at all. We sent him away peacefully BEFORE the pain meds stopped working.  It seemed the right thing to do.  It’s strange that I do not remember much about his passing other than seeing my daughter drape her little body over his and tell him goodbye.  It is like I’ve blocked a lot of it out, but the tears came then and they are coming now as I look back.

Bacchus visits me in my dreams quite often.  More than any other animal that I have ever had the privilege to care for.  The visions of him are always very real.  I smell him and feel his warmth.  I am keenly aware of his presence and energy.  I have the feeling of actually being “with him”.  It is so intense that I expect to wake up with a tuft of his hair in my hands.  I miss him and do believe we will be reunited someday.

For now, I simply share him with others in my words, pictures and in my art…