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In 1978 on this day I was just running around being a little girl full of wonder and joy. Then in the middle of the night the phone rang. It woke me up and all I could hear down the hallway was my Mother’s muffled voice. I couldn’t tell what she was saying, but somehow I knew. I crawled back into my bed and closed my eyes. When I sensed her shadowy figure in my doorway, I didn’t make a sound. I pretended to be asleep. But I knew…I just knew…When my Mom came into my room in the morning, I said “My Dad is dead.” And she said “Yes”….He had committed suicide. And just like that childhood was over.

I always remember that the Holidays aren’t Merry and Festive for everyone. I’ve done a lot of healing and enjoy it with my family now. But to those that are still raw and missing someone desperately…This is for you:

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