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You can also find cool phone cases, tote bags, pillows, duvet covers, t-shirts and more! Just hit the “shop” button when you go to any of the links above and select your product!


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Buy Original Abstract Paintings by Sharon Cummings, Fine Artist. Handmade signed artwork. Buy Art Online. Colorful Abstract Wall Art. Prints too!! ย Abstract Art, Landscapes, Animals, People, Flowers and more…

22 thoughts on “Buy Prints”

  1. I love this zebra!

  2. kristosfineart said:

    Beautiful work.

  3. Hi Sharon
    Wow – what colours in your artwork and as for the zebra – since I am from Africa, it makes pine for home – even though I have not lived there in a long time.
    If I ever make it to your part of the world for a holiday, I will have to visit you and see your paintings. I could imagine one or two in my home.
    Thank you for signing up to my blog –
    Gayle’s Thoughts

  4. This is lovely to look at, Sharon.

  5. Why have I not seen this zebra. It’s gorgeous! I love zebras.

  6. Hi Sharon,

    My blog God Says So is a startup done by me as a means to minister to those who seek to grow in their faith. May I use your art Pure Joy? Perhaps inprint your name?

  7. just browsed your online-art gallery. And I just realized that I haven’t seen enough of your work yet ! This is amazing work.

    • Thank you so much!…I always put a link under my work under the title and copyright year that leads people to where they can purchase the work. This is my only job. It’s how I feed myself.

      • You are amazing. Every painting is breathtaking. Are you famous, and I’m living in some stone age, not aware about you? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I am not sure what qualifies as “famous”, but I think it means you can stop working so hard and people just buy your art without you having to do much anymore. I have been selling my art professionally for about 13 years now and have fans that “know me”. My work has appeared on T.V. shows and in big magazines/newspapers. Once in a great while people who are famous sometimes buy my work. And still…I have to work so hard to earn a living!

      • Count one more fan in. Your work is fabulous. You’ll get ‘famous’ in every sense. If not this work, then what? Glad to have found your blog Sharon. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thank you Nitin. Have a great day or evening wherever you are!

      • Evening here. Have a great day. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Lori Freedman said:

    I am interested in your Colorful Pig painting. I live in Toronto Canada. Is there any store here in Toronto that represents your line of artwork. Please let me know.

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