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Thank you for your interest in me and my artwork!  Besides creating, we run a sustainable homestead in Florida.  I live with my loving husband, 2 amazing dogs, 2 cats, 7 miniature cows, 3 Nigerian Dwarf goats and 15 chickens.  All of our animals are spoiled.  We grow our own food.  With a history in academia, and at our age, we do not fit the typical people that would choose this lifestyle.  But we wanted a deeper connection to Mother Earth and the sustenance she gives us.  We wanted to be accountable.  It’s not an easy life, but it is a satisfying one.  We support our community and neighbors and show love and kindness toward all people.  It’s who we are.

I have been selling online for many years and I absolutely love it!  While art shows and gallery installations are wonderful outlets for displaying my work, the internet has allowed me to sell my original paintings and prints to thousands of collectors worldwide. Everyone should be able to buy great art.  I consider myself self-taught.  True talent is revealed not through schooling but through painting and creating.  I have a strong affection for abstract art, but also enjoy impressionism and mixed media works.   Collage is something I have been experimenting with for awhile now.  Animas are a favorite subject!  I create something almost every day!

Collectors rave about the quality of my work.  Each piece is produced using only the best quality paints, canvas, and mediums. Every painting that I ship out is a piece I would hang in my own home.  My printing partners have been carefully screened to insure that my standards of quality are met.  My art is created for people with a true appreciation for exceptional craftsmanship and high-end materials.

Art is not a luxury….it brings joy to the beholder.  It creates mood and atmosphere in homes and offices.  It completes every inner space.  Thank you for learning more about me.  


I look forward to building a relationship with you!

Buy Original Abstract Paintings by Sharon Cummings, Fine Artist. Handmade signed artwork. Buy Art Online. Colorful Abstract Wall Art. Prints too!!  Abstract Art, Landscapes, Animals, People, Flowers and more…

Contact me: ttgallery_47@hotmail.com
(Phone calls by appointment made via email.)


300 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Nanette Gross said:

    I am a self taught artist as well. I would love to learn more. Art is my desire, my love. Can you direct me in a path that I can creat and find inspiration?
    I adore your art!!! Any direction you can share would be most helpful.
    Thank you


  2. Hi! I’m currently an art student at school, and I’ve decided to study and try to make my own versions of your work. I was just wondering what inspires you to create the work that you do, as I think it’s so unique and amazing. I’d love it if you could reply to this, as your artwork really interests me. Thanks.

    • Hi Shauna….Thank you for your interest in my work. Generally, I just create. It comes from within. I spend a lot of time at the beach and that makes me feel good. Feeling good makes me want to create. If you need inspiration, I am happy you are inspired by my work, but I cannot support any attempts to recreate my art. Artwork belongs to someone. It’s called Copyright and until I’ve been dead for 70 years, it is my property. Copying it is stealing. If you do decide to try to recreate my work, then be sure to only use it for your own personal use (hanging on your wall at home) and do not list it anywhere online. I do pursue copyright infringements regularly and will even have derivatives of my work removed from Social Media. I take my art very seriously and it is my full-time job. Imagine if someone stole your cell phone Shauna and decided to call it their own and they took over all of your apps, friends, social media, etc. They texted your friends. They looked at and shared your pics as if they were their own. That is what it feels like to a living artist to have their work copied. Thank you for understanding and good luck in your art endeavors. πŸ™‚

      • Thank you for replying.. I understand and respect copyright laws, so if I do decide to try some of your work, would I be able to make sure I change things so it’s not the same? I won’t post anything at all on the Internet, or promote it to anyone. I understand that it must be upsetting to see people trying to claim a recreation of your work is theirs, and I fully respect you and your choices as an artist of having your work copyrighted. If I was in your position I’d do exactly the same. Thank you for sharing your inspirations with me, it will help me a lot in my project. I have no doubt you’ll carry on making amazing art. πŸ™‚

      • Hi Shauna….I cannot control what people do with my art for personal use for their own home (not published/displayed online or offline or used commercially). So you can experiment as much as you like.

      • HI
        i am priyanka i want to know more about your peacock feather abstract

  3. Sharon, Love the colors in your work. Your About Me is a great read. Thanks, Dave Bridburg

  4. Hi I have recently discovered your work and I’m a fan. I have been asked to do a project for my school work and would like to use examples of your artwork in my text book. Would this be an infringement of your copyright?

    • Hi Will….Using artwork for educational purposes falls under “fair use”. With that said, the images should be small and there should be full attribution give. The title of the image and copyright Sharon Cummings after each one. The images should not be included in anything that will be for sale or where a profit will be made. And the images should not be redistributed or reproduced without written permission from me. Additionally, the images should not be included on any online websites, blogs or social media. They can only be used within the confines of educating others within your school.

  5. I’m happy to have stumbled upon your blog. Really enjoyed looking at your work and look forward to seeing more. Also, I lived in Sarasota for 5 years. Love Venice. Spent many early mornings enjoying Yummies Donuts. πŸ™‚

  6. Wishing you and yours a Happy and prosperous new year Sharon!!!

    Be Blessed!


  7. Sharon your work is divine, would it be too much to ask what paint you use, or is it ink?

    • Thanks Laurel….I have a very extensive portfolio. I’ve used TONS of different paints from water based oils to acrylics. I’ve never used inks. Just experiment and have fun!

  8. Sharon you are a true inspiration!

  9. Hi Sharon,

    My blog God Says So is a startup done by me as a means to minister to those who seek to grow in their faith. I’m sorry about copying your art. Blessed with Joy. It’s awesome. May I use it? Perhaps inprint your name?

  10. Hi, I love your art so much!

  11. Hi Sharon, always wonderful art. your abstracts are awesome..
    just found out today My Michele has stage 4 bone cancer..please say aprayer for herr…love your work

  12. HI Sharon
    I love your work and the how colorful they are! I was just wondering how you like the different formats for selling online…fineartamerica vs red bubble vs etc., do you have a favorite or are all a good choice?? I am an artist and will be selling online soon.
    Thanks for your time and yes creating something all the time proves to be the best advice for artists! Practice practice practice!
    Nanci Worthington

    • Hi Nanci….My advice is to join each site and look around. Choose the site that feels the most comfortable to you and is the easiest to use. None of the sites sell your work for you. You have to market your art like crazy to make sales. You need to build a big social media following, but also advertise and market offline. Again, none of the sites sell your work. They are just a platform for display. Best of luck to you!

  13. Sharon Great work keep growing your passion in art

  14. Sharon Cummings said:

    Aloha Sharon Cummings This is Sharon Cummings as well how you doing Art is your passion beautiful your from Florida tempa I’m from Hawaii Good Luck!

  15. Hello Sharon Cummings..
    Truly very sorry for using your picture. Did not know it was credited to you.. will take it down right away… Also would love to use it with a credit to u if u would let me.. do let me know and again I humbly apologise for he error…


  16. Hi Sharon
    I’m an architecture student in UK and we’re currently designing a studio and living space at Yorkshire for an artist of our own choice. I really like your work and I hope you won’t mind I do my project based on you. I would really like to know a bit more about what sort of atmosphere you like to work in (eg. Open space, under natural sunlight) and where you get your inspiration from in your daily life. Thank you very much.


  17. Tabitha Olson said:

    Randomly saw your
    Copper Lake painting, wow yanked at me, so thought i would take time to say thank you

  18. Hi, I just found out about you and am amazed how good your work is! I am in year 11 and I’m doing GCSE art. I was looking for some artists I can write about and recreate their work and I decided I will use your work as an example πŸ™‚ THANK YOU

    • Hi Nikol…Thank you for your appreciation of my artwork! Please do not “recreate” my work. That is called Copyright Infringement. Be inspired!! But create your own art that looks nothing like mine. Let me be me and you be you. It’s not only legal….but more fun that way!

  19. Hi I am studying some of your work artwork and was wondering how you managed to create the effects you do in your work. What sorts of paints do you use if you use paints at all?
    I love your work and the vibrant colours you use!
    Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Trade secrets….When I am 80, I will share my techniques with the World! πŸ™‚ Too many artists try to copy me already, so I say just experiment and find your own creative voice!

  20. Hi Sharon could I find out a little more about this artwork. Thank you πŸ™‚

  21. Hi Sharon, my name is Hope and I am looking for some good facts about you and your artwork. I am doing an independent study in the half term for art. Due to only having a week, we have to do an artist study and you are my favourite artist. Your artwork entices me because of the bight colours you use and the range of wildlife and nature you do. Would you be able to email me so interesting facts about you and your artwork to hopestermac@hotmail.com please. It would be most appreciated if you could get back to me soon with some interesting facts so I can include them in my work. Thank you so much.
    Kind regards,

  22. Hello my name is Dee Eros, I am the art director for Paracosm Monthly. We are an online magazine set to launch August 1st. Our publication was created by a collective team of artists for artists, we will feature creations by artisans from all over the world. You will find the works from both emerging artists and established artists, along with gallery reviews, and featured artists interviews.
    As you may have guessed, this a very exciting time for us for several different reasons. For an example, we see this as a way to step into a journey where a platform is set for creators of all types to discover one another. We are passionate to provide a stage that artist will be proud to be a part of.
    As a new premier outlet for artist we feel that part of our goal is to reach out to artist that have a certain element to their work that is nothing short of amazing. We honor artist with the skill, vision, talent, elegance, and the ability to be a master of their craft.
    So with that being said, we would like to invite you to be part of this wonderful unique experience by accepting this invitation to have your work showcased on a two page spread for one of the first issues for Paracosm Monthly. If you are interested let us know by sending a reply to this message. We will then give you information on how to get started.
    Best wishes,​

    – ​D. Eros​


    • Hi D….Thank you for your interest in using my art as a feature in your online magazine. Magazines always need quality content and I am happy to have been a part of so many over the years (both on and offline). Please note, that I do not pay to be in magazines. If you truly do wish to feature me and have beautiful content for your publication, feel free to contact me. Sharon

  23. Greetings from Singapore! I bought a pair of acrylic painting titled “Moondance” I think, more than 12 years ago. They were on the wall of my living room in my old apartment and now on wall of the living room of my new apartment.

  24. i love your work! what would you say inspires you the most when creating your work?

  25. Hi, Sharon. Love your work! My husband has recently passed and he was an artist. I would love to have his work reproduced in prints. Can you direct me to a reputable print maker? I don’t know much about the process.
    You are a true inspiration
    Thank you!
    Fellow Floridian

    • Hi Linda….I am so sorry for your loss. I use Fine Art America for my prints. If you use them, join their community forums as there would be lots of help there for you. Sincerely, Sharon

  26. Cecilia Tucker said:

    Please tell me about your inspiration for your piece entitled Nevertheless I persisted. I purchased this piece and will be giving it to my niece on Saturday nigh. She has been directing the Vagina Monilogues for 10 years in Winston Salem, NC. This is her final performance to direct. All proceeds over the past 10 years have gone to the Domestic Abuse Shelter in Davidson County, NC. I searched for hours for an art expression that eat described the mission of her work. I chose your piece. I would like to tell the story that inspired this piece when I present it Saturday night. Thank you for your work and your help.

    • Hi Cecilia….My piece “Nevertheless She Persisted” was created for women who have suffered domestic abuse at the hands of someone they loved…The heart covering the mouth is an expression of what we “don’t say” because we love someone. So many women remain silent. The black and white side represents the anger and rage we feel for being abused by someone we love. Yet the overall piece is an embodiment of how we persist. How we are still here. The color side is one of hope and life. I am not very good with words when it comes to my artwork (I am such a visual person), but I hope this helps.

  27. Colleen Smith said:

    I saw you English bulldog picture tiles at my vets office. Where can I purchase one?

  28. what medium do you use on your beautiful shell artworks

  29. SHEMA ROMEO said:

    Hey the beautiful and amazing Sharon! I am a 16 year old boy who sees your work as an inspiration. Currently I am majoring in musical instruments and abstract work. I also want you to know that your work has inspired so many kids here in Africa. We love you. Good LUCK!

  30. Elizabeth Alvarez Alfaro said:

    Hi! I am an mompreneur who is designing a website for online Spanish tutoring. I love your picture “World Map 16 – Yellow And Blue Art By Sharon Cummings Canvas Print” as shown on Fine Art America. However, I am interested on buying the digital image if possible. Is that something you do?

  31. Been far too long since I have visited your site.

    Aim to rectify tat mistake.

  32. It has been far too long since I

    darkened your page.

    I aim to rectify that..
    Berry soon.



  33. Carol Elias said:

    Your Art caught my eye, and after reading about you I just wanted to say you are truly blessed by God to have such a talent!! Thank you for sharing it .

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