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TheBullFB“The Bull”

Acrylic on Canvas Digitally Remastered

To Allow For Fine Art Prints

Sharon Cummings


2015 is going to be the start of “no bull” for me.  I was already starting to tire of it last year and removed some people and things from my life that were causing me negative feelings.  And I am not just talking about my personal life, though it has seen the most transformation.

The way I create my art and present it to the World is evolving.  Some of my long time collectors and fans have been noticing the difference.  Many are excited with how my art career is progressing, but some want me to be the way I used to be.  Gone are the days of cheap paintings and deals that are ridiculous on original work.  I have come to realize that those types of promotions might make others feel happy, they make me feel bad about myself.  My work has value.  And I have value as a person.

It’s a new year and a whole new attitude!  Prints will be on sale from time to time, but new painting originals will be full priced.  Commissions will be hard to come by and if you do not see it offered on Etsy, it isn’t going to happen.

Another big change for me is that I will no longer be “lurking” on the social media pages of people who have hurt me that I have removed from my life.  This goes for old “friends” and family.  Yup, I will admit to doing that for quite awhile now.  It was in part curiosity and in part a deep desire in me to see if they were feeling as bad as they made me feel.  It isn’t easy to admit this behavior, but it is something I’ve been working on.   I am finally at a point where I can continue the process of letting go!  And that begins with not looking back.

For many years including 2014, I have fallen for the trap of living in the past. Sometimes creating and selling art to please others at my own expense.  And also continuing to wallow in “what could have been” with people who will never be again.

The past is gone and staying stuck there is bulls*it!  So here is to new beginnings and a healthier year!






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