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Thank you for your interest in me and my artwork.  I live in sunny Tampa, Florida with my loving husband, beautiful daughter and 3 amazing dogs.  I have been selling online for many years and I absolutely love it!  While art shows and gallery installations are wonderful outlets for displaying my work, the internet has allowed me to sell my original paintings and prints to thousands of collectors worldwide.  Everyone should be able to buy great art.  I have a Masters degree in Fine Art but consider myself self-taught.  True talent is revealed not through schooling but through painting.  I have a strong affection for abstract art, but also enjoy impressionism and mixed media works.  Recently I have begun experimenting with digital art and the response has been phenomenal!   I create something every single day!

Collectors rave about the quality of my work.  Each piece is produced using only the best quality paints, canvas, and mediums.  Every painting that I ship out is a piece I would hang in my own home.  My art is created for people with a true appreciation for both exceptional craftsmanship and high-end materials.

Art is not a luxury….it brings joy to the beholder.  It creates mood and atmosphere in homes and offices.  It completes every inner space.  Thank you for learning more about me.  I look forward to building a relationship with you!

Buy Original Abstract Paintings by Sharon Cummings, Fine Artist. Handmade signed artwork. Buy Art Online. Colorful Abstract Wall Art. Prints too!!  Abstract Art, Landscapes, Animals, People, Flowers and more…

Contact me: ttgallery_47@hotmail.com
813-983-9241 (Phone calls by appointment made via email.)

Remodeling and Home Design

116 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. William said:

    This is an absolutely gorgeous photo! I am looking forward to following your blog!

  2. Love your blog! I look forward to reading future posts.

  3. Great cover photo! I will look forward to reading your blog.

  4. Very well done, look forward to seeing more!

  5. Thank you Sharon for stopping by my blog, the like and for subscribing. I appreciate it. I love your autobiography and look forward to seeing your work. I am primarily a self-taught digital artist and video artist. Please stop back by, and check out some of my video work as well.

  6. Hi Sharon. Welcome to dragonshades and many thanks for the likes and the follow. Love your take on colour and exploration into your own approach to painting.

  7. Hi Sharon,
    That photo of you is wonderful, and I enjoyed reading your thoughts about art. I look forward to seeing your work.

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog. I try to paint the details in nature. I think your paintings are beautiful. I look forward to following your blog; I’m not as skilled as you are though.:)

  9. HI Sharon! You have a lovely blog! I will follow it with interest :) And, thank you for following mine!

  10. Where is the flower in your mouth? I love that photo with the flower. :) Is that your gorgeous painting in the back??? That is truly awesome! Nice meeting you in Internet-Person! <3

  11. Hi! I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. Please get the badge at http://bit.ly/1c8sAYH and get more info. Have a great day. :)

  12. You should call yourself The Sensualist Photographer…

    • These days I call myself a “self marketing pro”;) Surprising how little of my actual job is photography and painting these days!

      • “Self marketing pro” is an apt description of the status you have elevated yourself to. You are clearly one of the most successful self-promoters I’ve seen (and while I envy your success at it, I also see lots of evidence of your consistent hard work at it).

        Artists and creative types who satisfy themselves with painting pretty pictures can’t hope to have much commercial success in a world where the internet has made SO MUCH great art available. I’m learning every day as I work to reinvent myself as a marketing guy (and that’s an uncomfortable transition for me).

        Best wishes for every continued success! – Mark

      • It wasn’t easy for me either Mark…I resisted Social Media for a few years as my natural state is to keep to myself and create. But it has been worth the effort! My best to you as you grow your business!

  13. What a lovely forum page. I’ll undoubtedly be back again. Please maintain writing!

  14. I love the colors in the picture above. The reds, the oranges…. GORGEOUS!

  15. nothing to fear but fear itself….your creativity is a gift use it…..we all have disabilities some are more visible…michael e dillon,m.d.(alias corey steele on reverbnation.com and engolfo perozoso on facebook

  16. Barbara Argiro Chichester said:

    Love the blog…you are so inspiring!

  17. I am an absolute fan of not only your artwork, but of your soul, dedication and raw talent. Your determination to keep producing amazing artwork astounds me. Much love to you girl

    • Thank you so much Jim…you inspire me as well with your determination to share your experiences with us and by how you have overcome so much in this life…much love right back to you!

  18. Hi Sharon, I think you are so talented and I enjoy your blog and awesome art.
    Have a wonderful Merry Christmas with you and your family!!! Happy New

  19. I wanted to re-blog…sorry waiting for it to be moderated..by the way you look wonderful great smile

  20. Thank you for dropping by and following Malcolm’s Corner.

  21. Thank you for checking out my page your talent and committment is amazing

  22. Sharon, I like what you said that everyone should be able to buy great art. I also admire the fact that you are doing what you like and making a business out of it. Not many people I know have the guts to do that. Keep going ! :)

  23. Sharon, Hope you enjoy following my blog. In addition to the one here http://www.bestillandknow.wordpress.com You might enjoy my garden blog about living along the shores of Lake Michigan http://www.gardensatwaterseast.blogspot.com It is a beautiful place. Great place for photos and painting! copy and paste to your search engine. Jack

  24. true dat! It would be great if more people understood art and were able to purchase and enjoy originals…You do good work!

  25. Wonderful blog, Sharon! Love your beautiful artwork! :)

  26. Thanks for liking my recent post. I look forward to enjoying your artwork.

  27. Wow! This is a great main page photo,blog, and great bio as well. I’m just starting the process of making my artwork available online and hope to get a few ideas from people such as yourself… continued success in your life and your creativity!

  28. Hi, thank you very much for following my blog http://www.dayincity.wordpress.com and the topic you choosen is amazing, wishing you a great time – day in ity

  29. Wow….I’ve perused your art here at at Etsy and am blown away. So unique, colorful and vibrant – filled with Life. Thank you for visiting my blog – I’m certainly going to be “Following” yours…but not in stalker-y fashion. Your work rocks!

  30. Hi Sharon, thanks for stopping by my blog! I like your work and look forward to seeing more of it when I get some time to look around a bit more.

  31. Hi Sharon! I recognized you from FAA because of you profile picture… Good to be connected here as well. best wishes :D

    • Thank you Patricia! I’ve tried to change my flower picture a few times and my fans outcry…LOL It’s only 5 years old and I have not changed much, so I will keep it for awhile longer. :)

  32. Hi Sharon, just wanted to say your blog is lovely and it’s beautiful how you fuse painting and writing in a fun and meaningful way. :)

  33. Thank you for stopping by my blog! You have opened up a new venue for me. Love your exuberance in your art and life.

  34. "Occam Blade" said:

    Thank you for visiting my blog! I haven’t had the chance to peruse your work, but the few that I have liked. The mixture of texture and color and subject matter make for some highly energized images. I wish you all the best in Life and your pursuits in Art and more…

  35. Hi Sharon, I went to your other website with all the stuff..lol..love the paintings. I wanted to comment on such beautiful work..couldn’t find a place..I also wanted to say thank you for your likes..so nice of you..maybe you could give me the SECRET of were I leave comments i would love to share your works..so lovely
    have a great week

  36. Sharon, what a great blog you have! Wow!

    I came here to personally thank you for being a part of Petals Unfolding. It really meant a lot to me. Blessings! (((HUGS))), Amy

  37. Love your work!!!, vibration is a wonderful thing. I visit Venice FLA a lot, following:)

  38. Thank you for liking “Spring Is Here!” You have a lovely blog. I enjoyed looking at your beautiful paintings. :)

  39. WOW

  40. thanks for visiting my sight, mi esposa is also an artist and her gallery is http://www.thebutterflygallery.com.

  41. I think your education shows in your work. The seeming simplicity of the design is belied by its sophistication as a textural and chromatic form. It doesn’t just seem like a wave/tube of a wave, it feels like one. The choice of scale and coloring are more than what someone without an eduction might not have conceived. There is just something inherent in the subtlety that makes me think you’ve been well-educated. I remember one of the first things photographers shot before they took classes. It was sunsets. This is not the equivalent of a painted sunset. It is a feeling. Love your work.

    • Thank you Mario…it is interesting indeed since my degree was focused on the commercial aspect of art. I did a lot of drawing and pen and ink renderings. Precise technical work. I did not create abstract art in school. Only as a wee child and starting just 11 years ago. :)

      • There isn’t a correlation necessarily in the medium you studied as in your exposure as to what constitutes art, experience in studio, where other students critique your work, the questions you might ask of yourself without knowing. Art is not a medium, per se, but ideas eloquently rended from an otherwise absence of knowing. While I am being presumptuous here, we do have painting in common as self-taught expressions of those ideas, I am not a great painter. I am not a great musician/composer, I am self-taught and each time it shows. My photography, however has greater refinement because I allowed myself to be influenced. “Commercial art traditionally includes designing books, advertisements of different products, signs, posters, and other displays to promote sale or acceptance of products, services, or ideas;” these expressions do not dismiss aesthetic sophistication. Often great ads are great ideas eloquently rendered.

      • I have just started with photography. I doubt I will take any classes as I just enjoy exploring and capturing and that is enough for me. My photography sells, so that lets me know it is “good enough” but perhaps not great. ;) I may never be great at photography, but that is o.k. with me. :) Cheers!

  42. Please take classes. There is so much fun in getting together with your kind.

  43. Many thanks for the follow. I hope you will return again soon and often. Your work is wonderful. Love the vivid colors. . . . .

  44. Thanks for liking my post Loves Song.
    It’s great to connect with you here and to see your beautiful art.

  45. Sharon your work is amazing!!! I wanted to thank you for taking the time to like my earth angels do cry post…It was only my 7th post… and I just figured out how to reply to you on here……I look forward to sharing your art with others…Heart to Heart Robyn

  46. Hi, I am Abdullah’s Art teacher and want to thank you so much for responding to him. This is so cool. All the kids are very interested and excited now that they are being able to communicate with Artists.

  47. Sharon!! Thank you for the reblog of my latest post, Siridean. I really appreciate your support of all my writings. :)

  48. Abdullah Qureshi said:

    hi again what inspired you to make your positive and expanding energy mandalas.

  49. Thank you so much for visiting my blog.:D

  50. Hi Sharon, thank you for popping by, reading my blogs and liking them. Your time is valuable means lots to me. I have oober respect for the gifts and minds of artists and when on my pc laters, will pop back n have a gander of your work. Love peace & happiness

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