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ImageLife is a funny thing.  It is sort of like a huge ocean with many currents pulling you in varying directions. Sometimes you get into a bad current…an undertow that pulls you into places that do not nourish your soul. For me Ebay was such a place.  I started my art career selling on the site.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it when I want a cheap curling iron or collectible pez dispenser, but it is no place for me.  I never felt good there. Luckily, life’s currents have also pulled me into good directions.  I was able to move on from garage sale mentality many many years ago and see my value.  I moved into a place of fulfillment in my work. I enjoy my collectors now in a way I never have before. I build personal relationships that last year after year. I make new friends too through the sales of my prints and originals.  It feels so good to be in that upward flow into life. As I have been undergoing this revitalization I have also had to deal with loss. The loss of some friendships which were not healthy for me.  Friendships that were laced in resentment. So today I am feeling a surge of vitality….a load let off my shoulders.  A renewal!  And speaking of revitalizing. Recently I discovered I was able to digitally remaster some of my very early works so that my collectors could collect super large prints of these paintings.  I have always wished that I would have had a better camera back in the day as my photos of these are very small.  But thank’s to Photoshop I can share them again to a new audience.  Enjoy more here:


P.S.  A big shout out to all of my new Australian fans who have been visiting my blog like crazy the last 24 hours.  Welcome aboard mates!